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light skin retouching that doesn't affect the shadow and age changes to leave your photo as natural as possible
removing obvious blemishes, but keeping the model looking natural with all the personal characteristics and texture kept intact
focus is on the skin retouching: removing all imperfections, smoothing wrinkles, yet saving natural texture
focus is on skin texture and taking care of every detail: retouching of blemishes, scars, improving texture, smoothing/removing of unwanted wrinkles, adjusting highlights and shadows
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We charge extra for urgency, as our team has to work under load and vice versa. RC always encourages longer deadlines. The price is for 1 photo
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let us know the number of images that require detailed hair retouching, evening out its texture, cleaning up of flyaways, filling in the gaps and other adjustments/+10$ per pic
specify the amount of images that need background changing, composed work or collaging/+10$ per pic
choose the amount of images that require removing an object from the background/+10$ per pic
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this work is already included to the rate
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